Interested in professional development opportunities this summer?

Professional development is extremely important for educators.  Not only is it required by many states in order to renew your teaching certificate, but it is very beneficial to your growth as an educator.  In a world of changing trends, research, and ideas, it is important for educators to participate in professional development opportunities and stay current in learning the best ways to be the most effective teachers for their students and schools.

All Educators:

Finding professional development opportunities can be overwhelming sometimes.  You might find yourself asking “where do I even start?” or “which opportunities are the most beneficial to me?” The article below was posted via Edudemic  I came across it on twitter and love the suggestions!  I’ll also be attending the second one on the list in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’m attending a two day conference on using technology in the History and Language Arts classrooms!  I also will blog during the event and share strategies and useful resources.  Stay tuned

 Edudemic Article

Another article was published recently that details 32 different professional development opportunities this summer.  Here is that article:

32 Opportunities Article

Georgia Educators:

  See the link below to find out what professional development courses Kennesaw University offers that will satisfy the PLU requirements!

PLU approved courses at KSU


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