Using the "Think-Pair-Share" method in the classroom.

I believe one of the most important things we can do in our classrooms is to break up the repetition of “class.”  Students can easily become bored in a classroom, and if you have them come in everyday and sit still in the same arrangement of desks all year, students can really get agitated, bored, and uninterested in your class quickly.  I think it’s important to change up your classroom periodically, and get students up and moving everyday!  One way you can do this it through the think-pair-share method.  This not only allows you to ask questions to promote higher order thinking in your students, but it also gets them up, moving around, and collaborating with their peers.  Instead of being students in a desk, they can be movers, thinkers, participants, and voices in the classroom, all while out of a desk and learning at the same time!

Below is an article that lists some positive feedback about this method, and also gives suggestions and ideas. 

The Think-Pair-Share Article


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