Project Based Learning Resources!

You have probably heard the term “Project Based Learning” many times by now!  This is one style of learning many schools and classrooms are implementing in an effort to improve education in this nation. There is a lot of research out to discuss this idea, and also give examples of how to fully implement it in your classroom.  I am a strong advocate of Project Based Learning, and encourage others to use it in their classrooms.  This type of learning allows students to solve complex problems, create real-world solutions, and collaborate with their peers in accomplishing this task.  It allows you to turn your classroom into a “think tank” or “thinking lab” in which students become active participants and problem solvers.  It’s exciting, and it gets students involved 100%!  Below are some resources I have found that discuss this.  Feel free to click around and learn more about it.

Detailed resource on ProjectBasedLearning

Article about why problem based learning is better:

Project Based Learning Professional Development Guide:

Project Based Learning Checklist:

10 Practical Ideas for Better Project Based Learning

Tools for better project based learning


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